Bob Marston and Credible Sources Share New Single “Lyin’ Eyes”

Birmingham, Alabama-based Bob Marston & the Credible Sources have released “Lyin’ Eyes,” the latest from their upcoming full-length album So Long, which will be released June 3.

The track premiered at Glide Magazine, which called “Lyin’ Eyes” “swampy folk” and a “fair, serious pocket stunner that features Marston’s jaw-dropping arrangement that rings with both the soul of Muscle Shoals and with the edginess Merge Records.”

“When I worked on a migrant farm in Illinois. The job was to pull corn, which deserves a longer explanation, but let’s just say it was a group of young and middle-aged people walking through fields corn for about 12 hours a day, partying as hard as they could until about midnight and then starting again,” Marston told Glide Magazine.

“The crew consisted of about 40 people, 35 of them men and five women. Of these women, three were engaged in relationships and one was not interested in men, which left a young woman free to flirt with at least two dozen youngsters. I was one of those young men and I thought, based on a few brief and flirtatious encounters, that I had a good chance of being chosen as her “boyfriend of corn.’ When, to my disappointment, she chose another one, I was hurt, not deeply or lastingly, but enough that the daily reminder hurt me a little,” he added. .

“Lyin’ Eyes” follows the reggae-tinged head-bobber “Real Magic, Good People,” about forgiveness and understanding being what truly unites communities, and the album’s title track, which encourages understanding in order to heal societal fractures.

Marston has been on a journey of self-discovery, and with the help of therapy, meditation, and cannabis, his empathetic creativity shines through the lyrics of every So Long song. Credible sources are equal parts roots rock backing band and high-flying aces ready to improvise.

Truly a whole greater than the sum of their immensely capable parts, the band are known for their intricately woven guitar parts, tight and compelling bass and drum grooves, and pure, emotive vocals, a sound that makes a statement. draw comparisons to The Grateful Dead, Moe., Wilco, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more.

So Long also features keyboard master Matt Slocum (Allman Brothers, Susan Tedeschi, Widespread Panic, etc.), bassist monster Adrian Marmolejo (Early James and the Latest). Trombonist Chad Fisher (St. Paul and the Broken Bones), Allen Branstetter (St. Paul and the Broken Bones) on trumpet, award-winning violinist Adam Purvis, and more.

The tracks on the album explore love and devotion through the lens of trying to salvage a difficult relationship, reflect on life’s big questions, and offer commentary on social injustice and societal issues. Brought together by luck, fate and fate, this group of seasoned professionals and unproven superstars disrupts stereotypes and shatters paradigms bringing a message of love, honesty, empathy and endless possibility to the world, one song at a time.

Listen to the new single here:


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