Filipino netizens react to Newsweek magazine cover seen on ‘Stranger Things’ 4 – Manila Bulletin

The original magazine cover features Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Finally, season four of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” is now upon us after almost three years since its final season ended. And based on its debut episode, its latest installment looks pretty dark with its new antagonist Vecna. Along with the evil wizard menacing the fictional town of Hawkins, the season pilot also introduced new characters who will add drama to the series, including Eddie Munsen, the leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High.

‘Stranger Things’ star Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munsen (Photo by Netflix)

With his rugged hairstyle and rock star attitude, it’s hard not to notice this master of Dungeons & Dragons. But in his early days, what caught the attention of Filipino fans was the magazine Eddie holds What He Reads is a 1986 issue of the newsmagazine “Newsweek”. On its cover is a headline that reads, “Showdown: The Last Act in Manila,” featuring a man who looks like the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

(Twitter screenshot)

After a quick online search, Filipino netizens found the original cover of the March 1986 magazine with the same title, featuring an actual image of the former president. A “Newsweek” article published on March 3, 1986 and titled “The Showdown” chronicles the simmering revolt against the Marcos administration.

“And it finally happened – the moment every dictator dreads,” the article began. “From the windows of Malacanang Palace last week, Ferdinand Marcos watched a country in open rebellion. His Minister of Defense had resigned. Its most respected general had gone over to the popular side of the barricades. Catholic leaders urged priests, nuns, and ordinary good Christians to support the rebels. And Corazon Aquino, prepared for Gandhi’s lessons, was waiting to finish him off. Marcos still had his buddies, his loyal brigades and his guns. But even they might disappoint him if he chooses to risk it all in the final, bloody showdown of a civil war.

“Newsweek” is a New York-based weekly news magazine established in 1933.

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