Chad Read homicide goes to grand jury, no charges will be filed against Carruth

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — No charges will be filed against Kyle Carruth after the attorney general’s office convened a grand jury in the death of Chad Read.

On November 5, 2021, Read was shot during an argument with William Kyle Carruth. The shooting was filmed.

The Attorney General’s Office, acting as Pro Tem Prosecutor, presented to a special Lubbock County Grand Jury the investigation into the shooting of Chad Read by Kyle Carruth that occurred in Lubbock, Texas on 5 November 2021. The presentation of the case included multiple eyewitnesses, Chad Read’s family, and additional evidence that had not previously been made public.

After several days of a thorough inspection of the evidence, the special grand jury concluded its investigation of the case and deliberated on whether the evidence supported the filing of criminal charges against Kyle Carruth. The Special Grand Jury today voted not to indict Kyle Carruth on criminal charges.

The statement that Tony Buzbee of the Buzbee law firm representing the widow of Chad Read released regarding the grand jury decision in the Kyle Carruth case:

“Criminal justice completely failed Jennifer Read, the widow of Chad Read. Chad Read was embroiled in a heated discussion with his ex-wife regarding custody of his son. Video shows Kyle Carruth injecting himself into this discussion We believe there was no legitimate reason for Kyle Carruth to bring a deadly weapon to an argument he wasn’t even a part of Chad Read died unarmed, shot and killed while simply trying “to determine the whereabouts of her son. The civil case is on hold pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings. We will now vigorously pursue Jennifer Read’s claims in civil court.”

Meanwhile, David Guinn of the law firm Lubbock Hurley, Guinn & Singh representing Carruth said:

“First and foremost, Kyle wishes comfort and grace to all of Chad Read’s loved ones. The loss of life is painful. His deepest condolences go out to them.

Second, we appreciate the wise decision of this extremely hardworking and independent grand jury. It is rare for a Grand Jury to work three days on a single case. These citizens of Lubbock must have learned everything imaginable about every aspect of the case and the people involved. They reviewed a thorough investigation by the Lubbock Police Department and the Texas Attorney General’s Office, who were full professionals. I think between the three prosecutors, there was over 60 years of experience on the case. The two investigators probably have the same. People should have great confidence in the decision of the Grand Jury. The Texas court system worked as it should.

Kyle remains humble and regrets this ordeal beyond words.”


On Friday, November 5, Lubbock police found Chad Read, 54, dead in a house in the 2100 block of 90th Street. Police bureau officials told KCBD on Nov. 5 that a woman called 911 saying someone had shot and killed her husband over custody issues. Police say during the initial investigation it appears there was a fight between Read and another man related to a domestic incident, and shots were fired.

Minimal information was released by law enforcement in the days immediately following the fatal shooting. The identity of the shooter had not been released. It was five days later, on Nov. 10, when the Lubbock County District Attorney’s office withdrew from the case, on the grounds that an elected official might be called to testify.

The Lubbock Police Department later released a statement explaining why the shooter’s name had not been released. “While LPD recognizes that there is a public interest in this matter, there are several facets of this ongoing investigation that dictate what can and cannot be made public, in accordance with Texas state law. “, the department said in a statement.

Then, on November 16, six days later, the police department transferred its cases to the Texas attorney general for review.

On November 19, a court document identified Kyle Carruth as the shooter in the case. This document, signed by Judge Anne-Marie Carruth, was filed as part of her counterclaim for divorce from the couple. She is a judge in the 72nd District Court of Crosby and Lubbock Counties.

In the affidavit, according to the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal, Anne-Marie Carruth wrote that she had been “informed that my husband, William Kyle Carruth, is under investigation for the shooting murder of the father of the children of his girlfriend after he tried to get his children back”. late Friday afternoon. My knowledge of the incident is very limited at this time, and I understand the police are still investigating.

Court documents were sealed when the divorce was finalized on November 19. Both parties agreed to seal the divorce records, and a judge determined the grounds were valid. Sources tell KCBD the divorce was filed in the 99th District Court, however, Judge Phillip Hays recused himself and a guest judge from Amarillo presided. The Amarillo judge granted the request to seal the records.

On Wednesday, Nov. 24, Jennifer Read posted a cellphone video that shows the argument, and Carruth entering the house and then returning armed. Video of the deadly confrontation spread on social media and was reported by several national media. Along with the video, Jennifer Read’s attorney provided a motion filed that day showing that Jennifer Read, Chad’s widow, is seeking custody of her late husband’s children from their mother.

KCBD spoke to Kyle Carruth’s attorney after the custody case was filed. Attorney David Guinn said the video “confirms the careful work of Lubbock police reflecting this as a justified homicide.” Guinn says Carruth has a valid defense under the Castle Doctrine, “to defend himself, others, or his property,” and they look forward to the attorney general’s office investigating and presenting the case to a grand jury. of Lubbock. Guinn says a grand jury could still indict Carruth, but his hope is “after careful consideration of the law, they won’t”, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be arrested and charged or convicted further. late.

On Monday, November 29, Jennifer Read filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kyle Carruth and his company Vitruvian Development LLC. She’s asking for $50 million.

She claims Carruth failed to defuse the confrontation and used a gun even though there was no physical threat to life or property. The lawsuit says she and Chad Read went to his ex-wife’s workplace to try to find Chad’s youngest son.

The day after Jennifer Read filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kyle Carruth and her company for the death of her husband Chad Read, the judge presiding over the case recused himself.

An attorney representing Chad Read’s mother and three children filed a lawsuit on Monday, December 6, 2021 against William Kyle Carruth and his companies. The lawsuit alleges that Carruth negligently shot and killed Read on November 5, using lethal force that was not warranted, causing mental and emotional anguish and pain, torment and suffering. This lawsuit was filed in the 72nd District Court, through standard procedure, cases are assigned. The 72nd district judge is Anne Marie Carruth. Sources tell KCBD that Judge Carruth has stepped down from the case.

Also on Monday, December 6, Chad Read’s family members announced on social media that there would be a press conference involving their attorney Tony Buzbee on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at noon at the Lubbock County Courthouse.

On Tuesday, December 7, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his office had opened a criminal investigation into the death of Chad Read. They added in their statement that they would not comment on the case in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. They also noted that the AG’s office had received repeated requests for a criminal investigation into the shooting. The statement said they will collect and examine evidence, interview witnesses and perform other actions as part of the investigation process.

Chad Read’s widow and her attorney held a press conference on Thursday, December 9 to discuss the case, the amended wrongful death lawsuit and the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General’s office.

On December 15, a San Antonio judge was assigned to civil cases filed against Carruth.

On December 21, Carruth files a motion to combine the civil cases, moving them to Smith, Harris, or Cherokee counties, but also asks for a stay until the attorney general decides to present the case to a grand jury for criminal charges.

On January 5, 2023, the court dismissed a child custody lawsuit in which Jennifer Read, Chad Read’s widow, sought custody of Chad’s children from their mother Christina Read.

There have been no criminal charges or arrests in this case.

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