Cruz Beckham’s ‘inappropriate’ shirtless magazine cover sparks backlash: ‘He was 16’

Cruz Beckham’s latest photo shoot is being criticized online. (Image via Instagram/CruzBeckham)

Cruz Beckham’s first cover shoot has sparked controversy online.

Monday, identity magazine revealed the cover of their spring issue, featuring David and Victoria Beckham’s youngest son sporting pink hair and posing shirtless with his pants down.

Beckham, who turned 17 on February 20, spoke to the magazine about the start of his music career in what is believed to be a “coming of age” photo shoot, his first for a magazine cover. However, the photos have raised red flags on social media, with many saying it was “inappropriate” for the magazine to feature the shirtless teenager.

“This is super grating and inappropriate in every way,” one upset follower wrote on Instagram. “Nobody literally wants to see a boy as young as 17 half-naked. It’s actually quite disgusting when you think about it and it’s really disturbing. His parents should never have agreed and besides, neither should this post be.. If it was a 17-year-old girl, there would be no doubt about it. People would be outraged. And the same should happen. apply here.

“Are we all going to pretend that Cruz Beckham posing in her underwear in a magazine at 16 is completely normal? If it was a 16-year-old girl…” another person tweeted.

“Can’t I be the only one feeling awkward with 17-year-old Cruz Beckham quenching his thirst and stripping down to his boxers and flaunting his abs for the cover of a magazine?” another one Twitter the user has intervened.

“Why is it socially acceptable for Cruz Beckham to take photos in his underwear/grab his crotch/clearly show he has tattoos when he was 16 when the photos were taken?” wrote another one. “He’s a child.”

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“There are several disturbing and inappropriate things about Cruz Beckham’s iD magazine shoot,” said another. commented.

One person speculated that the coverage was part of a media strategy to draw press to Beckham’s career.

“Cruz Beckham learned from an early age that controversy, bad taste and scandals generate publicity, and this guarantees a strong media presence (at least for a short time),” they said. wrote to Twitter. “It’s about launching his music career.”

Cruz Beckham with his father David Beckham in 2019. (Images via Getty Images)

Cruz Beckham with his father David Beckham in 2019. (Images via Getty Images)

In the magazine, Beckham reveals that although he was tempted to pursue a career in football like his father, he ultimately followed his passion for music.

The teenager spent time in the studio collaborating with producers and honing his skills as a musician, citing Beyoncé and Oasis as inspirations.

“I even learned to play the mandolin for a song I wrote,” he told the magazine. “I don’t think you stop learning, but I’m taking my time to see what happens.”

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