Heartland photographer takes part in magazine cover

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) – A Heartland photographer steps out from behind the camera to go in front of the camera showing off her tattoos for a magazine cover contest.

Ashley Irey is from Jackson, Mo. She is making her way through the Inked magazine cover contest and is currently in the quarterfinals.

She faces fierce competition and thanks everyone who votes for her for their support.

“I was very surprised at the support I got from the start and I’m still surprised that with this for a month and a half now, how everyone has stuck with me on this,” Irey said.

Irey feels like it’s a community goal now instead of just trying to get votes.

“People who vote for me every day, I feel like we’re all in this together,” Irey said. “Thanks to them, it allowed me to go this far.”

We asked her about her tattoos and how they represent her.

“They’re very feminine. I’m a very feminine girl,” Irey said. “So I tried to keep them that way. There’s not a lot of color in them so far. I wanted it to be simple and feminine but bigger than normal because I just want to, why do normal.

Next Thursday, she will find out if she moves on to the next stage of the competition. She is currently second in her group.

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