Jung Ho Yeon to cover US Vogue magazine as the first Asian to take the next step in modeling

Jung Ho Yeon received another benefit after Squid gameSuccess.

Fans who saw Squid game recently worried about Jung Ho Yeon’s health as the model-turned-actress showed a disturbing body transformation. Although she always had this slim physique, she was showing a slimmer appearance due to the stress of being famous overnight.

She notably played the role of Player 067, whose real name in the series is Kang Sae Byeok. Her character is a North Korean defector who joins the bloody game in pursuit of winning the prize to get his brother out of the orphanage and save their mother in their home country.

Although she sparked fear with her drastic appearance, Jung Ho Yeon proved that she can always have the brightest aura by landing on the cover of American magazine Vogue.

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Jung Ho Yeon is the new face of the cover of American magazine Vogue

Vogue recently unveiled its February 2023 issue featuring the South Korean actress. While she has done concerts across the United States before her Squid game big break, going to the prestigious magazine has become a whole new level of experience for her.

Her agency, Saram Entertainment, confirmed that the actress became the magazine’s very first Asian model on the cover.

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“As this is an extraordinary event in the global fashion industry, it helps us to estimate how incredible the star power of Jung Ho Yeon is,” the statement continued, translated by Soompi.

She then shared more stories after the photoshoot for the magazine, sitting down for breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Jung Ho Yeon shares new life with audiences

In an interview with Vogue’s Monica Kim, Jung Ho Yeon noted how crazy he was that his whole life had changed in just a month after. Squid gamereigns over Netflix.

Korean series hit beat Bridgerton on the streaming giant’s most watched series before another Korean series, Hell, took over. Squid game, to be exact, won the title after 142 million households watched the film in its first four series.

But as his success skyrocketed the status of the cast members, Jung Ho Yeon faced a negative effect that caused him to skip his meals. According to the actress, she was confused when Squid game and his character attracted a lot of attention. Since she couldn’t eat while trying to deal with the “unbelievable” thing, she reportedly lost eight pounds immediately.

Amid her health issues, fans assured her that she would always feel loved and cared for as she embarks on her new journey into the TV and film industry.

Like Squid game planning to release seasons 2 and 3 soon, fans couldn’t help but hope that she would reappear on screen.

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