K-pop Idol BI Gets First Solo Korean Magazine Cover, Fans Say “Hanbin, We’re Getting There”

It was a slow but steady rise for BI aka Kim Hanbin who started his solo career in 2021. He then produced a charity album for his solo debut, dissed the K-pop industry for turning his back on him , was named as the youngest executive director of the IOK company, and has collaborated with global artists like Epik High and Destiny Rogers, and more. He had a star-studded solo gig with guest appearances like Pink Sweat$ and Afgan while becoming the first K-pop and Asian artist to perform at the Grammy Global Spin. And now BI has graced the cover of a major Korean magazine.

Korea’s leading entertainment magazine Maps and its global edition Super! The cards have had popular idols gracing their covers like The Boyz’s Sangyeon, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, GOT7’s Bambam, Ateez, and more. Well, on April 11, Maps shared that BI had been roped in to appear on two covers of Super! The May 2023 edition of Maps and pre-orders have begun. BI is wearing a black jacket paired with a thermal pattern shirt over a blanket. On the second cover, the K-pop idol shows off his toned abs and tattoos as he wears a leather and vinyl suit.

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BI gets its first Korean magazine cover

Fans were extremely happy that BI was finally accepted by the Korean mainstream entertainment industry. Following rumors of drug possession and marijuana use in late 2019, he was forced to quit his former K-pop group iKON and face trial in court. Fortunately, he was released with only a probationary sentence which allowed him to resume his musical career. However, it took time for the K-pop industry to accept him with open arms, as he has yet to be seen on the usual music programs and shows for K-pop promotions.

In fact, fans were furious when Chinese authorities banned BI’s Weibo and Douyin accounts, saying it was because he had a criminal record. However, western media was more than accepted as obvious with the Grammy move and BI magazine covers for tmrw, The Glass Magazine and Numero Netherlands. But with his covers for Korea’s Maps magazine, fans are hoping his own country will finally accept him. Great! Maps is his first shoot for a Korean magazine after leaving iKON and making his debut as a soloist.

‘So beautiful’

IDs (BI’s fandom) took to Twitter to trend BI’s real name Hanbin as they tweeted like “Please he’s so handsome.” Another clapped, “Hanbin gracing the cover of a Korean magazine, yes we’re getting there.” A fan posted, “Hanbin in black leather jacket.” Another ID added, “Hanbin is just too attractive.” One commented, “I love the way he shows off his tattoo like ‘Hi, my name is Kim Hanbin aka BI, sexiest man alive’.”

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