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I have to respond to a recent letter accusing me of spreading misinformation (i.e. lying) in my previous letter about the “real truth about clean/dirty energy”. In this letter, I have drawn my information on the not-so-clean “clean” energy industry from a 2019 Wall Street Journal article by Mark P. Mills of the Manhattan Institute.

While saying that I and the article were spreading misinformation, I noticed that the author failed to cite a fact that was incorrect. So obviously I wasn’t spreading misinformation.

Yes, one day the world will need alternative energy sources, but now is the time to move away from fossil fuels. Americans are paying dearly for Biden’s war on the fossil fuel industry.

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Alternative energy sources are used today because they are heavily subsidized by our taxes. If they had to compete with fossil fuels in a free market, they couldn’t.

The author also seemed to misunderstand my use of the term “elites”. I was not referring to ordinary Americans, but in fact to our leaders, media idols and mega-rich, who consider themselves above us.

Take John Kerry, our climate “tsar”, who by Snopes.com (a left-leaning site) owns six homes, two yachts, 12 cars (none electric that I can find) and a private jet. His excuse for using a private jet is that his job is “too important” for him to fly commercially. Talk about an elite.

Or how about Al Gore, Mr. Climate Doom and Gloom. His 10,000 square foot home uses more electricity in a year than the average American family uses in 21 years. Again it is by Snopes.com.

Or those climate “experts” like Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John, Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who flew their private jets to the recent climate summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. Theirs were just a few of more than 400 private jets that flew for this conference. Some environmentalists!

Finally, there is our ex-president Obama, close neighbor of John Kerry on Martha’s Vineyard. Both have beachfront mansions worth over $15 million. They don’t seem too worried about sea level rise around their homes.

Maybe Congress will pass a law requiring that sea levels not rise around Martha’s Vineyard but only around the rest of the world!

Pete Esslinger

beverly hills