‘Moon Knight’ shines in stunning new magazine cover

Image via Marvel

After years of fan campaigns, Moon Knight is finally set to make its MCU debut in its own self-titled series. Marc Spector has been a vastly underrated hero in the Marvel canon for decades, but his name is about to go viral thanks to the upcoming series, starring star wars veteran Oscar Isaac. But don’t expect this to be your average superhero outing, as this new magazine cover reminds us.

We’ve had glimpses of Isaac in his nocturnal vigilante garb in the trailers, but he’s usually moodily lit or thrown into the shadows. This new Empire the cover may provide us with our clearest look yet at Moon Knight, though Isaac himself is totally unrecognizable, hidden behind the character’s ancient Egypt-themed wires, armed with weapons in the shape of a moon and clad in a flowing cape that would even make Doctor Strange jealous.

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Empire proclaim that Moon Knight will be “the MCU’s darkest and craziest saga to date”. It’s a bold statement, though it’s hard to disagree with what we’ve seen from the show so far and how weird things are in the comics. What makes the main character different from any other Marvel hero we’ve encountered to date is his mental health issues; Spector, a former US Marine, suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which is why he’s portrayed as a Brit named Steven in the trailers.

And Spector’s life only gets more complicated when he receives powers from the Egyptian god Khonshu. Beyond that, we don’t know exactly what the show will retain or change from the source material. Ethan Hawke stars as Arthur Harrow, a creepy cult leader with an unknown connection to our troubled hero.

If you think you’ve found the formula for Marvel’s TV series, think again. Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney Plus.