Original Kamala Harris Illustration magazine cover design celebrates 21st century diversity

FORT COLLINS, Colo., January 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As United States made history by welcoming the vice-president Kamala HarrisCulturs – the global multicultural magazine, focused on how Harris represents a growing wave of politicians displaying hidden diversity.

In the same way barack obama and John McCain, the issue’s cover story highlights how third culture kids (TCKs) like these three examples are changing the face of American politics. Third culture children are those who grow up with geographic and cultural mobility during their formative years where identity is formed. In 1984, sociologist Ted Ward called TCKs “prototype citizens of the future”.

“The classic profile of a TCK is someone with a global perspective who is socially adaptable and intellectually flexible,” says Ruth Van Reken, co-author of a famous book on third culture children. In the article, she shares that “the American ‘melting pot’ has indeed spawned some notable TCKs within its political ranks.” The issue features an original artistic illustration of Harris among lotus flowers, which is a translation of the meaning of his name.

“We’ve had a lot of rave reviews about this blanket, and gratitude from people sharing that it’s a fitting celebration for such a monumental occasion,” shares Doni Aldine, Editor-in-Chief of Culturs.

The issue covers a number of cross-cultural political newcomers, as well as articles on digital democracy in online algorithms, opinions on immigration, and cross-cultural lifestyle content like the Ojibwe Native American Jingle Dress dance, a review of the book “Caste”, and more.

This history ColoradoThe print publication celebrates cross-cultural identity and amplifies the voices of hidden diversity for TCKs, immigrants, refugees, multi-racial and multi-ethnic people. On sale for $9.99 departure February 1st at Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AFFES) stores, select Kroger grocery stores, Books-a-Million, and independent bookstores. Locate a store near you at Cultursmag.com or buy copies today at Cultursmag.com/subscribe

ON: Culturs is a global multicultural philanthropic brand that brings lifestyle content to culturally fluid populations whose lives are punctuated by the “overlap” of different cultures during their formative years. The missing “e” in CULTURS represents the hidden diversity of the population. Proceeds support intercultural education worldwide. For more information, visit www.Cultursmag.com

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