Professional wrestler is bullish on Bitcoin

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Don’t miss another live recording of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” from the Bitcoin22 Miami conference! This time, co-hosts Steven McClurg and CJ Wilson are joined by horse racer, Nascar driver, wrestler, and Bitcoiner, Summer Rae. She also holds a leadership position at Hedge, a wire transfer program to set up your accounts so you can get paid in bitcoin. Rae is one of the best women in WWE right now. She took a five-year hiatus due to injury and has just returned to the Royal Rumble, taking a percentage of her bitcoin winnings via Hedge.

The group talked about possible Bitcoin personas that Rae could embody while wrestling. Other topics of conversation included other athletes who receive their salaries in bitcoin. On an environmental note, they discuss the hot topic of bitcoin mining and how energy consumption aligns incentives to support local communities. Also, they talk about the energy efficiency of bitcoin mining and how it can work in terms of using energy during off-peak hours or, in the example of the Texas power grid, how bitcoin mining solidifies the energy base. Regarding our national energy consumption, Rae says, “Bitcoin and bitcoin mining has helped raise awareness about using renewable energy and how much more we can do.” The trio go on to discuss dollar cost averaging, wrestling, athletes accepting Bitcoin paychecks and more.

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