Queen Elizabeth ‘will say yes to anything Prince Harry asks’, sources

Friend says Prince Harry will be ‘relieved’ Netflix cameras were turned off

  • Prince Harry is said to have finished all of his public appearances and press conferences,
  • A pal suggested the Duke of Sussex would be “relieved” when it was all over.
  • Prince Harry seems exhausted from all the appearances and shoots

According to a pal mentioned by Heat magazine, Prince Harry is “embarrassed” by his repeated TV interviews and intends to “reduce some public relations and filmmaking commitments”.

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“It’s like everything has become too much for him, especially with the Netflix crew everywhere. He’ll be so relieved when it’s over,” the pal said.

However, the feelings of Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, are said to be the opposite, with the Duchess of Sussex reportedly telling friends that the couple were “just getting started”.

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“They definitely disagree on this since Meghan feels like they are just beginning their entertainment profession,” the person added.

She’s already planning their next big TV show and hopes to partner with the Oprah Network to show viewers the most glamorous bits of their existence.

She is even considering a career in reality TV.