Queen fights ‘haunting image’ with strategy to attend Prince Phillip’s memorial – sources | royal | News

A wheelchair-capable Lifton Trio lift is to be installed at Balmoral so the Queen can easily ascend and descend stairs as she struggles with her physical frailty, The Sun reported. The Queen was photographed recently with a cane and even opened up about her struggles during an engagement saying ‘as you can see I can’t move’.

It has been reported that the monarch had to pull out of the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey last Monday for her own comfort as she reportedly struggled to make the trip and stand during the engagement.

The memorial to her late husband Prince Philip is scheduled for Tuesday March 29 and it has been suggested the Queen may have to step down reluctantly.

The Queen, who turns 96 next month, is determined to attend her late husband’s memorial service, but due to mobility difficulties it is thought she may be using a wheelchair to attend.

The monarch is said to be deeply uncomfortable with any image of her in a wheelchair, stemming not only from her dislike of the image of frailty she would show, but also from remembering her sister, Princess Margaret.

Royal aides are keen not to allow photos of the Queen that look like those of Princess Margaret to be taken six months before her death.

The Princess was pictured at the Queen Mother’s 101st birthday event in a wheelchair with her arm in a sling after suffering multiple strokes.

Margaret was known for her elegance and glamor and the Queen was reportedly deeply uncomfortable and unhappy that her sister’s photos were taken and published.

A palace source said: “It’s a haunting image and not one the Queen remembers fondly.”

A source recalled the event to the Daily Mail and said: “The optics were terrible. It was supposed to be about the Queen Mother but everyone saw only a sadly declining Princess Margaret.

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, told The Sun: “Naturally the Queen doesn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair.

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Sources told The Sun that one option to keep her life private is to erect six-foot privacy screens to prevent photographers from taking pictures of her as she exits the car.

The main helpers are obviously concerned about the queen walking or standing during any part of the event.

It has been suggested that the tradition be set aside for the Queen’s comfort and be in place before the public arrives.

Royal biographer Penny Junor spoke about the Queen’s future engagements: “I don’t think we’ll see her as much as it’s clear her mobility is being tested.”