Riddler watches over the Batman cast in the cover of Eerie magazine

The Riddler watches over the Batman cast in a bizarre new magazine cover that arrives just over a month before the film’s theatrical release.

The Riddler watches over The Batman thrown in a weird new magazine cover that arrives just over a month before the film’s theatrical release. Originally created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, Edward Nygma made his comic book debut in Detective comics #140 in 1948, serving as the antagonist to Batman and Robin. The Riddler is well known for his use of riddles and puzzles in his crimes, leaving them around town for the Dark Knight and Gotham police to solve, believing his wits to be above the authorities.

The villain, who would go on to become part of Batman’s rogues gallery, first made his live-action film debut with Adam West. Batman series starred by Frank Gorshin in seasons 1 and 3 and the spin-off film and by John Astin in season 2. The Riddler would later return to live action in 1995 with Jim Carrey’s well-received turn in Joel’s Division Schumacher batman forever and would return to the small screen with the prequel series Gotham, in which Cory Michael Smith stars as Edward Nygma working as a medical examiner for the GCPD before eventually turning to crime. Paul Dano is set to bring a new version of The Riddler for Matt Reeves The Batmanwhich is gearing up to hit theaters in March.


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Ahead of the magazine’s release next week, Matt Reeves took to Twitter to share Total moviefuture issues of are centered on The Batman. The subscribers-exclusive version of the issue sees the Riddler watching over The Batman cast on its odd cover, while the newsstand version sees Pattinson’s Dark Knight standing above them all. Check out the new covers below:

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Anticipation of Dano’s portrayal of The Riddler in The Batman has been quite high among audiences as it takes a much darker and weirder approach to the character than its live-action predecessors. While her behavior and actions left some tension as to what will happen to her role in the film, some audiences found her non-comic outfit more laughable than terrifying. Reeves said the infamous Zodiac Slayer was the main influence for his version of The Riddler, which is ultimately evident in the character’s outfit and his cryptic clues.

Dano’s Riddler isn’t the only iconic Dark Knight villain making his debut in The Batman, with Colin Farrell also playing the role of Oswald Cobblepot before becoming known as The Penguin in Gotham. Some audiences are also hoping Barry Keoghan’s GCPD officer Stanley Merkel will be set up as the Joker for Reeves’ proposed trilogy, given his character is Jim Gordon’s partner and the acclaimed past performances of the Joker. actor in villainous roles. Only time will tell what Reeves has planned for his ensemble roster when The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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