Shay Johnson announces pregnancy with Kontrol magazine cover

Buckeey has a baby on board!

Credit: Johnny Louis/Getty

BCK online reports Love and hip-hop Miami Star Shay Johnson announced she was pregnant by flaunting her gorgeous baby bump on the cover of Control magazine. Check out the gorgeous photos of Shay draped in crimson and gold velvet like a queen!

“I’ve kept this a secret for months but am now proud to announce that I’m pregnant with my first child. I’ve wanted a baby for so long and it’s finally happening. Thank you @kontrolmag for sharing this moment with me .Thank you to all my friends and family who kept my secret and made this moment everything I wanted it to be.I’m so excited to be a new mom and start my new journey with my new blessing,” she wrote.

Shay didn’t just throw a big party to reveal her baby bump and the cover of the magazine’s Mompreneur issue. She had another surprise. Watch the future entrepreneur countdown to his gender reveal while wearing a gorgeous gold dress covered in hearts and surrounded by his loved ones.

We know what those pink fireworks mean!

“IT’S A GIRL!! I’m going to be a mom,” she wrote on another jaw-dropping Instagram post. “Very excited!!!”

LHH Miami star mate Bobby Lyte was right next to Shay to celebrate her blessings on blessings on blessings.

The reality TV veteran’s baby is even more of a blessing as she battled fertility issues. In 2019, she bravely posted about it in big, bold print to educate other black women, who are most likely to face the same reproductive health issue: FIBROIDS.

“Uterine fibroids are lumps that grow on the uterus,” Shay explained. “In most cases, the masses/tumors are benign, ie non-cancerous.

Even non-cancerous fibroids cause a long list of debilitating symptoms and Shay seemed to suffer from them all.

“I had all the way to the last symptom X’s 10! Other symptoms included my anemia which increased because my iron was extremely low due to heavy and prolonged periods. My periods would last up to 14 days. When I I was normal, it was six days. I was also told that at the rate my tumor was growing, it would affect me to have children.

“Not only that,” she continued, “I started hemorrhaging and fainting, which required blood transfusions at that point. That was the worst. I understand how much fibroids are common in women but unfortunately i had a very bad case worse than average i felt like something was growing inside me more than a softball and it was growing every month i don’t couldn’t sleep most nights because it was getting worse.

Shay fought most of this battle in silence, even cutting herself off from relationships because she didn’t want to weigh in on anyone else. In 2018, BOSSIP reported that Shay was hospitalized for serious health problemsbut no one outside of her entourage had any idea how severe and how long she endured these symptoms of fibroids.

After a myomectomy to remove the grapefruit-sized growths in her uterus, Shay shared her story with other American Fibroid Center. Prior to the gender reveal, the reproductive health advocate mentioned taking eight pregnancy tests because she couldn’t believe her dream of having a baby was coming true.

Congratulations Shay!