Sources Confirm Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone’s Breakup

Looks like these rumors circulating on the internet are true: Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have broken up after more than four years of dating. And while sources have yet to fully explain what was wrong, they have confirmed the split at People– who announced the news on Tuesday evening (August 30).

These two have been dating since 2018 (when they attended Ellen DeGeneres’ 40th birthday party together), and that year anon People The source thought Leo was “very in love and serious” and he and Camila “talked about getting engaged” because he “never liked a girl like that”.

The age gap in their relationship has been a topic of much discussion, especially in the early years, and Camila has spoken about it before to Vulture saying “Negative comments don’t stop because you respond to them. I felt like saying, ‘You suck!’ It sucks. You are really mean. “I probably won’t talk about it anymore. Because then you open the floodgates for people to judge you. I’ve learned more and more to protect myself and avoid things that hurt me.”

FRANK FIFEGetty Images

She also spoke about the backlash from their relationship with WSJ. magazine in 2020, saying “More exposure leads to more judgment and negativity. It’s kind of disappointing because you’re really trying to do a good job and be kind and be a good person, and in meanwhile… people wish you negative things.

That same year, a source said E ! New that “Leo and Cami are still doing well and are doing great” and “he really enjoys his life with her and they are a lot more of a couple than before”.

More recently, the couple were seen in Malibu celebrating the 4th of July in photos from Just Jared.

TBD on what went wrong, but hoping they work it out?