Stevenson Art Chosen for March Portfolio Magazine Cover

Trish Stevenson, Sidney, recently had the honor of having her painting, “Regal Bovine”, chosen for the cover of Portfolio Magazine, the official guide to Western Art Week. Western Art Week also includes the March in Montana auction. A Western Design Show, Native American Show, and several other shows are a major attraction in Great Falls each year.

Each year, artists are invited to provide a few images for use in advertising for the “Out West Art Show”. The magazine chooses among these images. Stevenson is part of the show every year during Western Art Week in Great Falls. “Western Art Week began as a celebration of Charles M. Russell’s birthday and as a fundraiser for the CM Russell Museum. The auction is an internationally acclaimed Western Art auction and is now selling millions of dollars with art,” she says.

“Regal Bovine” by Stevenson is a 24″x16″ pastel on sandpaper.

Stevenson grew up in the Denver area and credits his grandfather for bringing the Western flavor to his work. She moved to Sydney in 1992.

“Regal Bovine” shows strength, determination and a battle of wills, which are an integral part of Stevenson’s art. “This particular bovine expressed such a regal bearing, such a calm dignity demanding respect with its impressive ‘crown’ of horns, that I knew I had to capture its personality in paint,” she adds. She chose pastels for their immediate and expressive character. “The blues and purples represent royalty with the dashes of red representing confidence,” she notes.

Upcoming events to view his art include: Quick Draw, Miles City Bucking Horse Sale; Greeley Stampede Western Art Exhibition; Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Exhibit.

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