The fight for family values ​​with Bitcoin

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Calvin Robinson joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss how to address growing inequalities in society and how the proliferation of social media has led to an erosion of family values.

When asked how to alleviate some of the growing inequalities in society, Robinson suggested he would cut taxes and instead charge value added tax (VAT). It would reduce National Insurance and allow people to keep more of the money they earn. More importantly, Robinson suggests separating the state from the banking system.

Robinson says: “The Bank of England is promoting the idea of ​​a centralized digital currency over which it has control. I think that’s the most dangerous idea we’ve ever heard because of course it will lead to a social credit system that will allow you to only be able to spend your money in the right way for the right things at the right moment. ”

The group goes on to discuss potential regulations that could prevent the company from exploring Bitcoin’s full potential. Robinson postulates: “I think we are going to see more and more limitations and restrictions put in place over the next few years as governments find that this could potentially cause them to lose control of the financial system. So we need to act quickly and make sure this spreads as quickly as possible. He suggests consumers and retailers embrace bitcoin so it isn’t a niche market and becomes more mainstream.

Following their discussion of Bitcoin, Robinson guides the conversation to social media and the devolution of family values. He discusses the implications of a Chinese-controlled platform, TikTok. Robinson says TikTok in China is limited to wholesome videos about family life and being a good citizen, while the US version includes questionable content that degrades Christian values, especially around the identity of kind. He says: “It is so that what was objective is now subjective. What was once the truth is now your own personal truth. You can define the reality around you and it destroys family values.

In conclusion, discussing how young adults of previous generations went to war (and today’s in Ukraine), host Q says, “I think, unfortunately, our generation is going do that with the financial markets. We, as a whole world, will have to stand up against the [World Economic Forum] WEF, we’re gonna have to stand against the [International Monetary Fund] The IMF and we are going to have to stand up against the fiduciary system that has been created.