Transform Magazine: Packaging Refresh to Celebrate Branston’s 100th Anniversary – 2023

The iconic English food brand, best known to Britons for its jars of Branston Original Pickle, turned to London design agency This Way Up to revamp its logo and packaging design for its centenary celebrations.

Having cultivated a longstanding heritage, Branston hopes the redesign will create a timeless look that reflects the brand’s success. In keeping with the established and instantly recognizable brand colors, adjustments have been made to modernize the heritage brand.

The new, bolder color scheme provides a renewed sharpness to Branston’s identity, while the removal of bevels and shading from the old design aims to create a refined label that the brand hopes will help it endure. .

Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough, Senior Brand Director at Branston, said: “It’s been a remarkable year for the Branston brand – to remain a fixture in British kitchens for 100 years is no small feat! We wanted to make sure the new Branston logo was modern while staying true to our core heritage and that heartfelt crush that our customers love.

“Branston is known for bringing comfort and nostalgia to many people in the UK,” she continues, “and following the launch of the new ‘hit of home’ creative platform in 2020, we felt it was time to giving the Branston range a new look that reflects our 2023 brand values. Here’s to another 100 years of enjoying Branston’s sweet pickle! »

The brand is set to announce a number of activities as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations for the remainder of 2023. Following new research indicating that 75% of UK office workers are not walking away a full hour from their office during lunch. , Branston’s mission will be to save the UK’s lunch break by launching his own Google plugin.

The roll-out of the new packaging design in major supermarkets for Branston’s core range has already begun.